A Letter To a Friend

I wrote this letter to one of my friends about one year ago. My friend passed through a hard time mentally, and I I wrote this letter to one of my friends about one year ago. My friend passed through a hard time mentally, and I decided to show my friend the love and how much we missed spending time together. Unfortunately, I lost connection with this friend, and we are no longer close, but the love is still there. I hope you enjoy this letter and remember Our Garden is also here for you.

Once I asked someone, “what is the time?” And that person answered me, “this is time, the little moments which we will remember,” then I have always tried to have the best moments with the people I love.Life may be uncertain, we do not even know all the answers, and we often feel like shit, but everything passes, and everything changes.

Because no matter how many friends you have or how much your family loves you, one will always be alone, only with the most profound thoughts. The point is not to stay in that moment and continue living, learning that we do not control the facts but how we react to them.

I’ve also felt bad, and I don’t know if that is the right word to describe that feeling. I’ve also felt bad, and there are times when I don’t want to see or talk to anyone. And that’s normal; people who love me understand. People who love me care about me; even so, they give me my space because they know that I want to be the best version of myself when I share unforgettable moments with them.

But for how long will I feel lonely? The truth is, I don’t know; nobody has the answer concerning time. But as I said at one point, it all depends on how we react to complex situations; it will not last a lifetime.But what will happen later, later when you feel ready to share with your loved ones. They will probably continue to love you and will be happy to see you. They will tell you about all the moments in which they were delighted and wanted to share that happiness with you, but you are not here.Then you realize that it was not worth feeling lonely and out of place because you did not live those moments you now wish you had lived.

We are in bad times, times of pandemic and other diseases, but we are together. We are all in the same situation; only some face reality differently. No one is happier than anyone; no one has better things or a better future than anyone. None of that matters because, in the end, we are all nothing, but we deserve to live in the moment.

With Love,

Our Garden

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