Our Garden Origins

Our Garden is more than a platform where I share my experience and knowledge about life. Our Garden is a life project.

The idea behind it is to show the step-by-step process to well-being and document my progress and how I accomplish my career dream, which is to open a mental health clinic.

I do not want people to say that I was a lucky person in the future. I want people to see all the sacrifices and hard work I have to endure to accomplish my goals. The good thing is that I do not want to do it alone.

Whoever comes with me in this journal of accomplishing my dreams is definitely on the path to achieving their dreams.

There is no correct formula or the right path to get what we want, but the deep desire to believe that we deserve what we want is enough to make it a reality.

In Our Garden, we are going to grow together but differently. Like a natural garden with different plants and flowers of other species. They are all beautiful in their way, so are we. They all grow in adverse situations, so are we. They are unique and full of life; only if we take care of them, so are we. This is Our Garden.

With Love,

Our Garden

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