ANXIETY!!! Learn to identify it and control it.

What is anxiety other than a mental condition? Well, we can experience anxiety on many different levels. For an illness to be diagnosed, it has to affect your daily life, but it does not mean you can not experience anxiety symptoms regularly. This article will explore different areas in our life where we can experience anxiety and how to adjust to symptoms.

A symptom of anxiety could be thinking that you can not do difficult things. When you think you can not do hard things, you put your mind in an internal conflict. It is a conflict between the ego and superego. The ego wants to do something, but the superego always prevents it from doing what it wants. You are capable of making choices by yourself. If you feel you can not make difficult choices alone, that is also anxiety.

When you think it is the end of the world, you are also experiencing anxiety symptoms. Those long nights when we feel like our life is coming to an end and there is nothing or no one that could be able to save us. It is normal to feel like that in certain situations when we are stressed. Believe it or not, crying it out always helps.

If you think you are too hard to love, stop right there. That Is also anxiety. We are humans in research for love, that feeling that most of us have never felt. That feeling that those that are in love describe. You will never be too hard to love because love comes from within you. As cliche as it sounds, you must love yourself first, and everything else will follow. You are not hard to love; you need to fall in love with the person you are.

If you think everyone hates you and is constantly judging you, you are contributing to your anxiety. Hypothetically, someone may be considering your actions and behavior. There is always someone who thinks they have the power to do that. The point is that those outside energies want to distract you from your real purpose. Stop thinking that you do not matter or that people want to do you bad; that is anxiety playing games with your mind.

Whenever I experience a symptom of anxiety, I always try to bring myself to the present moment. I will share a little exercise I do whenever I feel things are getting complicated. I put both hands on my heart and take a deep breath. I try to focus on breathing and getting enough air to my lungs. I hug myself if I feel like I need someone with me. I am taking care of myself, and no one in the universe will care for me the way I do.

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