This is how I improve my days

Living in New York City could be exhausting for many people. Sometimes we find ourselves stressed out due to the limit of time or the rapid movement of things here in the city. I realized that in other places, such as the Dominican Republic or Cancun, this is not the case. However, the following tips will help people from any part of the world maximize their days without burning out.

First tip, you need to have goals and plans for your days off. It is vital because you will have control over your time. I have seen on social media how some people share their beliefs in terms of work and time. Therefore if you are one of those people who feel that one or two days off in a week is not enough to accomplish things, this is the perfect tip for you. Just sit down and plan for your day out.

I will be sharing something soon that will help you plan your days. 🙂

But it is essential to say that for this to work; you have to keep the same sleeping schedule as during the weekdays. Do not cheat thinking that you earn the privilege to wake up late or go to bed late because it is your day off. It does not work like that; as I stated in one of my articles before, your body and mind will develop automatic behavior or daily routines, which will be the foundation of your future success. Could you not sleep on it?

Sometimes when we wake up, the first thing we do is use our phone. The next tip is to disconnect. Stop using your phone and spending hours on the scream before starting your day. Pause and take a look at your surroundings. Be comfortable with the fact of being alone, be comfortable with silence. Just stop everything you are doing and take time to breathe and breathe. 

However, just because you need time alone, it does not mean that you have to become antisocial; you have to spend time with families and friends in order to be fully present and enjoy your days. Those people around you are critical to determining your success. Spend time with the people you love, and you will fulfill your heart with love and happiness. 

That happiness will lead you to healthy hobbies, which is another component to maximize your days. Everyone has hobbies, some more common than others. Create time to enjoy your hobbies. One a week or twice a month. It will keep you creative and motivated to do more and to ask for more. It will inspire you to take action and make things happen.

Spend time outdoors. Just because it’s your day off or because you work 9-5 does not mean that you can not spend some time outdoors just admiring your surroundings. It is important to get sunlight every day; it will increase your happiness. So go out to the store or even take 2 minutes to walk.

During this time, do not forget to relax and reflect on the essential things in your life. Be mindful of your surroundings, how you spend your time, and reflect on your actions on your dreams and goals. Take as many deep breaths, and you need to relax and live in the moment.

Last but not least, prepare for the week ahead. Yep, it is hard for some people to plan things or even organize their entire week. You do not always need to know what you are going to do every day. But at least have some sense of how that week will go. I am linking the calendar I use to keep track of my monthly duties and activities, which is helpful. 

Those tips are not a follow-up process; you can practice however you feel more comfortable in any order at any time. Just be mindful of your time, and if you want to see remarkable results, I recommend practicing for at least one month and see how you feel. Document your feeling and progress; sometimes, you go back to reread it, and it lights up your spirit. 

With Love,

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