Are you living up to your potential?

What is the quality of your life? Are you burning out, or are you not giving all your potential? Well, if you are following Our Garden by now, you have some sense of how to work on yourself to achieve your ultimate goal and well-being. But let’s talk about the quality of life and how to live in alliance with it. 

I am going to be completely honest; I am not in my best moment all the time. Here and there, I lack the responsibility to follow my routines, and that is ok. It does not matter if you are doing everything perfectly; it is consistent, persistent, and focused. Sometimes we have the privilege to sit back for some time and get back on track when we feel that is the right moment. But the quality of life does not only emerge in how productive you are (do not feel less or wrong when you do not have productive days). It involves your thoughts, words, food, sleep, fitness, purpose, environment, and relationship; everything together as a whole. 

Be intentional with your thoughts and words, most of the time we do not know the power of our thoughts and how it affects our reality. Be mindful of the food you are ingesting and others exercise; move your body. Give yourself the best, the nutrients that your body needs to be healthy and last longer. Your body is your house, shelter, and temple; the least you can do is take care of it.

Do not compare your life with others; compare your life with your heart. If you have a good heart and are genuinely yourself, you are already living a good life in alliance with your purpose. So many people are involved in causes to help other people and even animals and the planet. They live a good life because they live in harmony with their environment, and if you have a conversation with them, you will realize how genuine they are. Therefore, the quality of your life doesn’t only revolve around people and the relationship you have with them or what they think about you; it also evolves around your heart, self-respect, and the relationship you have with yourself.

Doing good in one aspect of your life is entirely fantastic, but it does not mean you should neglect other parts of your life. Take control of your life as a whole, act with your heart, and follow your dreams and desires. Take time to analyze your situation. Are you as good as you think you are? Yes, you probably are. Are you making the right decision, leading you to better results? The answer is up to you.

With Love,

Our Garden

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