New Year Resolution: The Ultimate Goal

Hellorch, my beautiful flowers. I hope you guys are full of positive energy and desire to grow in this new year, 2023. I have so many good intentions for this year and want to share all that positivism with you all. As I say, you can start a fresh new life whenever you feel ready to commit to your decision. It does not matter if it is recent years; a new year and a new life start within yourself.

You might say, “But Denissa, you just disappeared for like three months,” and yes, that is right. As we all are, I am human too, and I needed to organize my life and realign my goals and plans. That is why people take vacations. By the way, I am back to school, accepted to a Master’s Program, and I am enormously proud of myself. It is essential to detox yourself even from your projects so that you can bring in new ideas. Get ready because soon I will be your favorite therapist :).

I am adding this YouTube video because you why not, so you guys can acknowledge the technics I am using to start a fresh new year, and you can use it too.

Also, mark your calendar because the next blog will be about how to create your vision board. Are we ready yet?

With Love,

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