Vision Board – Let’s get Real!

Two months into the new year, we are still working on our vision board. Your vision board is not supposed to be based on recent years’ resolutions or the beginning of a new life, but more a continuation of life and your most profound dreams. I still have a lot of work to do on my vision board. If things still need to be included, I will add and remove items as I go. 

Once I had accomplished a goal from my vision board, I moved it to another place and added something needed. I always keep it because I need a clear vision of where I came from. I can never forget my origins, the struggle, the early morning and long night; I need to be grateful for all the blessings and all the good things I have in life. 

But how do I have a vision board if I still determinating what I want? In reality, we all know what we want. We are just too scared even to think that it is possible. I will tell you to want what I want; I want to be healthy from the inside and out. I want to look cute and have a clean soul. I want to buy my first car; I want to travel more; I want to meet more people and make new friends; I want to learn how to cook healthily; I want to be happy in my beach house and open my mental health clinic. I want more complex stuff; however, the simplicity of life, is that we can find the most satisfying moment in the most simple things. 

Therefore I recapitulate numerous photos from Instagram, Pinterest, and more to create my vision board. Yes, I needed a lot of visualization of everything I wanted. I must place the vision board where I can see it daily and daydream about the day I get it all. Therefore I converted my room into a teen room and decorated it with my vision board. That way, every time I am in my room, I have that vision, and I will be more likely to accomplish them all. So far, I have been working on the health aspect of it—eating healthier and exercising at least two days per week. Being an adult with a full-time job is more complex to put the time and energy into going to the gym; however, that is just an excuse that I am tired of using, and I will not listen to it anymore. I am saving up to travel more and buy myself a car. OH, let me tell you that I finally booked a trip to one of the destination of my dreams, keep an eye on it because I know it will be lit and will share all the detailed here. 

I have been focusing my energy on my master’s program. After years of not going to school, going back to school could be overwhelming, and yes, I am overwhelmed. Sometimes I want to give up, like I made the wrong decision of returning to school, but then I remember my why, why am I doing this, and the things I will get out of it. And then, I keep pushing myself to finish my degree. My vision board is the little steps I need to take to accomplish my biggest goal. You should know by now, open a mental health clinic. I will never give up on that dream. It does not matter how hard the road gets, I will build my resilience skill, and I will keep pushing myself to be the best I can be. 

What about you? Did you create your vision board yet? Are you being honest with yourself and following your deepest desires and dreams? Some times, I am scared to be my authentic self because I am afraid that people would hurt me or discourage me from my purpose, so if you have a dream, be mindful of who you share it with. There are a lot of dream killers near us. As I say, I will accomplish it all; that’s why I put it out there. If you dare to be yourself, just put it out there. I promise you that an amazing thing will happen once you do it. Do you want to share any of your ideas here? I would love to see your comment, the space is yours; and I will be your biggest fan. 

With Love, 


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