How can I manifest a better lifestyle?

Everything starts with reading a good book. If you were here for my last article, you know my experience when I tried meditation. I was supposed to be grateful, but nothing came to mind. You see, the point of reflection is to bring awareness to the conscious mind. When you deeply meditate, you can get to light all the traumas and misinformation you have in the subconscious, and I love it.

Once you bring to light the things that are not working or the thing that are working, it is essential to take action. It will be best to keep practicing and embracing if it is good. If whatever you brought up to light are bad habits and negativity, it is time for you to take action and put some work into it.

Now I am in the stage of putting the work on. I have been reading a book about mental health and how to manage your mind in your favor. The book has a lot of neuroscience terminology and over 300 hundred pages, so finishing it will take some time. However, I am already seen how this book is impacting my perspective. I am highlighting and adding comments to almost every page. I am applying everything I am learning to my daily life, and I have already created a list of actions that I am taking to get a higher state of mind.

I feel like I have not been growing for a while, mainly because I have neglected my lifestyle, and I am a woman of movement; I need to accomplish goal after goal so I can feel good about myself. It may seem like a problem for some people, but I am highly ambitious and fearless in saying it. I was figuring out how to add more of myself to Our Garden. Someone commented that I should show more of myself. I can’t even be vulnerable with my close people; imagine on the internet to millions of people and with all the people who read my blogs. Well, I am doing it now and feeling good about it. 

So here is what I am doing to manifest my dream lifestyle:

  • I will focus on what I want and visualize it exactly how I want it.
  • I will expect the best, and I will get the best. 
  • I will not think about “what if. “
  • I will notice and appreciate every little good thing in my life.
  • I will change my beliefs to reshape my reality. I will delusionally romanticize my life. 
  • I will focus on possibilities and not limitations. I will go above and beyond.
  • And, of course, I will practice gratitude like a religion because I never want to feel like I have nothing to be grateful for.  

 If you feel like me, we can do this together and support each other. So we can see good results in the future. And, of course, I will keep you posted with all updates on how this process is going.

With Love,


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