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I have been on track, but I like to say “back on track” whenever I add something new to my routine. A major accomplishment and something that I feel very proud of is that my mom is now my pupil, and I am her trainer. We wake up at 5:00 a.m. to go to the gym and move our bodies. The article is here if you want to know my 5:00 a.m. routine. It has been a cooperative effort, where my mom used her dedication to wake us up so we do not miss a day, and I teach her how to use the machine and be more confident at the gym. My brother also goes with us, and with his military training, we create a perfect 5:00 a.m. team.

Why do you want to gain knowledge if you can not share it? I always share everything I learn here, in person, with books, or with articles. I love to grow as a person, and I like to see the people around me succeed. Therefore, I would love to share what I have been up to lately.

I am currently reading Think and Grow Rich for the second time. After having the most encouraging and eye-opening conversation on my trip to Florida last year, I got it as an audiobook for the first time. I wanted the book so bad that I could not wait to get it. Therefore, I purchased it as an audiobook and now have a hard copy because I love adding my thoughts and little comments to it. It repeats the same thing repeatedly, so if you do not get it the first time, you will probably get it at last. I used the power of this book and others to get all the fantastic things that I now possess; if I can, so can you.

The link for the book is below 🙂

I am currently reading Think and Grow Rich

I love books, and I love reading. That is why I have a blog. Moreover, I love to learn and expand my knowledge; I am naturally curious, a dreamer, and cannot stop wondering about the beauty of life. I usually read heavy books about science and self-development to the extent that I need to take breaks from reading to gather all the new knowledge and make it a habit. It is not just about reading; it is about applying your unique ability to your life so that after every chapter and every book, you become a better version of yourself. If I ever give you or suggest a book, please read it. Remember, I have a psychology degree, meaning I can somehow understand the human mind. Moreover, I have a spiritual soul with insight into spiritual guidance and what a soul needs to be fulfilled. If you do not believe me, ask others why they keep asking me for advice and guidance.

I am good at self-regulation. I listen to my body, mind, and spirit and help others do the same. Reading itself will make you more self-aware; therefore, it is essential to put the knowledge into practice, starting with self-care.

I bought my mom a self-care gift some time ago, and she never used it. Therefore, you know what I did. I opened a bottle of wine, took a relaxing bath, and used all the products in the basket. It was amazing and the best gift for mom/me that I could ask for. The little things are the ones that matter the most. After that bath, I was a rejuvenated woman ready to conquer the world. You probably know the feeling.

The link for the Self Care Gift is below 🙂

Self Care Gift

Now you have homework for the week, get in the wave of improvement. Get a nice book, take a deep bath, relax, and grow.

With Love,
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