5:00 am Morning Routine

Everyone knows a morning routine is essential to set the day’s tone. But what is a good morning routine? Everyone has their perspective on how they spend the first hours of their day. However, there are vital cores to elevate the quality of your morning. In this article, I will discuss acquiring a million-dollar morning.
It is a must to wake up on time. I was one of those people who set 3 different Alarm ones every five minutes. However, I realize that it made it more challenging to wake up. Therefore waking up as soon as your alarm goes off is the most efficient strategy. Just go out of bed immediately. It is hard to change those little habits; however, remember the gratification of practicing positive habits.

I wake up at 4:45 am to go to the gym around 5:10 am/ 5:15 am. It is not easy to go to the gym. Imagine waking up at 5:00 am. However, when my alarm goes off, I only think about the feeling I will get afterward and after completing my gym routine. I analyze how my body changes positively and want more of that. Therefore, I stay committed to my goal of waking up on time. Either go to the gym or do some at-home workouts. There are a lot of tutorials about working out from home or even at the gym. Do not feel ashamed or worried if you have to go to the gym alone; remember that spending time alone is essential for self-awareness. It would be best if you were your motivator.

I said this before and kept saying that using your phone in the morning is unnecessary. Instead of using your phone when you open your eyes, you should endure other activities such as meditation. It will mentally prepare you for the day. I have to be honest; if I have important things still pending in the morning, I will reply, for example, to an important text message or conversation. However, for the most part, I will post a story on IG and move on with my routine. I start using my phone and social media once I go to work. During the first hours of the day, it is essential to connect with yourself, meditate, and analyze what you want this day to bring into your life.

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After precariously exercising, I recommend taking a cold shower. It will not only wake you up, but it will also improve your immune system and help you recover your sore muscles after exercise. I do hot-cold-hot showers; it is best known as contrast bath therapy. This is because the lymph vessels relax when exposed to hot water and contract when exposed to cold water. I love showering with hot water, but when I say hot water, I do not mean burning water or cold water like ice water, but water temperature you can manage.

We expose a lot of science in one sentence; therefore, let’s move on to food, my favorite subject. Having a healthy breakfast is also scientifically proven to improve the quality of your life. Your body needs the protein and nutrients that give you the energy to go through the day. I prefer avocado toast, feta cheese, scrambled eggs, bacon, and some coffee with milk. However, now that I am acquiring new knowledge in nutrition, I will diversify my breakfast here and there. I want to incorporate more fruits and veggies into my diet. However, I have a big body and must give it great food, or I am mole in a way that I must eat a significant portion to feel completely full. But well, better believe that I barely left home hungry in the morning.

Last but not least, setting goals for the day (at least three) is vital. Some people do it the night before to wake up with a purpose. Daily goal setting is one component of success. It will keep you on track and concentrate on your ultimate goal. It is crucial to divide them into small daily goals. Once you complete all those tasks, you are ready to hustle and start your day. You will feel energized and inspired and know how your day will go. I have an extensive calendar in my bedroom where I organize my weeks. I plan day by day the thing that I want to get done, for example, paying rent or light, canceling a subscription, making an appointment, doing research, and more. I keep myself on track, especially when I have rapid thought and all my ideas come to light. I write them down and schedule a date to focus on them. It all depends on the day; I can sometimes complete my task in the morning and some days late at night. However, the feeling of crossing down an assignment after finishing it is the best.

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Do not forget to download the FREE Temples to start having the most magnificent morning routine, and remember, do not let one wrong moment ruin your entire day; keep this energy, and you will have a million-dollar morning and a million-dollar life.

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